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success doesn't come by accident

My #1 speciality: zero to hero business building coaching.

  1. My coaching package all include:
    Where are you in your life? I assess how you are balanced in terms of work, health, wealth and relationships to ensure what we build will allow you to balance what’s important.
  2. Strengths Finder – want to know what your innate strengths are? I’ll help you find it with Clifton Strengths Finder assessment™
  3. Who are you serving – what problem are you fixing – I’ll make sure you know who and why your business NEEDS to exist.
  4. Brands and Design – My design team will equip you for whatever design needs you have – logos, templates, social media images
  5. Systemising and scaling – once the foundations are in place – I’ll get you set up for further success

    All this and more!

Other than one on one coaching I am also a:

@ project manager
@ bespoke business coach (e.g. for a single problem)
@ Speaker
@ Trainer (check out my on-demand courses!)
@ And gardening enthusiast! (My husband is a garden designer – I have no choice! :))
@ Oh, and I like pictures of dogs and other cuddly animals, but please don’t judge me!

So who am I to be qualified to serve you?

My journey to this point has been erratic to say the least!

I have been fortunate to live a varied and challenge filled life which has prepared me for pretty much every eventuality
I started life as a secondary school teacher (11-18 years) teaching English as an additional language after I graduated from University. Although I loved teaching, I was not a fan of the school system (in hindsight, I never really liked homework as a child, turns out as a teacher you particularly cannot evade it).

I then did a stint as a live-in carer – looking after spinal injury patients – people who had suffered traumatic accidents and were now quadriplegic – all four limbs paralysed. That was an incredible experience, and one I took because of near death experience I had – whilst studying for my degree in Russia ( I studied Russian and History and the University of Durham) I was hit by a drunk driver. Luckily, I survived, but it took years to relearn some of my coordination!

I was still young however, and that challenge wasn’t enough either. For a few years I worked for a Scandinavian translation agency, as one of their project managers, which started to really introduce me to business strategy, solving customer problems, and the challenges and advantages of remote working.

I then volunteered to Serve in Afghanistan with the British Army – I had been an army reservist for years and was lucky an opportunity presented itself. 

When I came back, I embarked on a journey with one of the world’s largest defence companies – Lockheed Martin. During my time there my roles were diverse – software project management, writing bids for new work, business strategy, service management, programme management and recruitment, training and development. At brief one point I ended up in Washington working for the executive Vice President ! It was an incredible time, and I was fortunate to work with incredible people.

That led me on to work for Deloitte, they approached me to join them and I spent some time improving my consultancy skills – negotiation, managing change and much more – until I decided I wanted to go it alone.

Now nearly 3 years on, I have a range of clients, from around the world – UK. US and Kenya, I have been paid to speak at conference, been published in magazines and there will be much more to come I’ve no doubt! I combined my skills to offer my customers a hand holding service designed to both motivate and hold accountable to ensure their success is my success.

Importantly for me, I love what I’m doing and the range of people I deal with offers me a diversity of interactions which I am truly grateful for. Thanks to my varied business experience I believe I am well placed to offer insight into many businesses or connect with people who are if necessary.

Importantly, I am dedicated to YOUR success all the way, which is why my coaching is limited to only a few people at a time.

In case you care about qualifications

I have a load and keep getting more! (because when I’m learning, I’m growing!), here are some of them!

  • BA (Hons) University of Durham
  • ITIL Expert
  • Prince2 Practitioner
  • APM practitioner
  • Agile Practitioner
  • Diploma in teaching in the lifelong learning sector
  • Diploma in Life Coaching
  • CMI Diploma in coaching and mentoring (under progress)

Other things I like

  • Animals – any thing fluffy and cute. Yes I am one of those!
  • Books, Books and Books. Grew up in the analogue world baby!
  • Travelling! I studied languages at university for a reason – the world is an interesting place!
  • History – the other part of my degree, I wish people would study it more….
  • Naps. Anywhere, anytime. This ability predates my army career too. I love napping. It’s my superpower. I feel so sorry for insomniacs.

Still not sure? Let’s chat – schedule a call 😊

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